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Practicing Gratitude

Tina Spagnola, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, NE-BC

Welcome to the SPN Serenity Sphere!

This quarter, our focus revolves around the practice of gratitude. Research reveals that gratitude produces numerous positive effects on our health and relationships.

Studies indicate that practicing gratitude can lower stress levels, alleviate pain, and improve our immune systems, blood pressure, and heart function. Devoting just a few minutes each day to gratitude can impact our well-being.

There are some research studies which have shown how the benefits of gratitude extend to nurses specifically. When nurses experience gratitude at work, whether they are practicing it or expressing it to others, it helps to reduce their stress, build positive relationships, and increase their sense of meaning on the job. (Suttie, 2021).

Here are some simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily life:

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal: Take a moment each day to jot down three things you are grateful for. These can be small gestures or moments that brought joy to your day, like catching all the green lights on your way to work or enjoying the welcome from your pet when you return home. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, you can train your brain to seek out goodness in every situation.
  2. Express Gratitude to Others: Take the opportunity to express gratitude to those around you. Compliment individuals who you don’t typically compliment and be sincere. Consider writing a heartfelt email of gratitude to someone from your past—a teacher, colleague, boss, or friend who positively influenced your life.
  3. Create a Gratitude Calendar: Maintain a gratitude calendar where you write a few words emphasizing the good things that each day brings.
  4. Find Beauty in Nature: Take a moment to step outside or gaze out the window and find something beautiful to appreciate in nature. Whether it's a blooming flower, a breathtaking sunset, or the greenness of the grass, appreciating nature can uplift the spirit and promote gratitude.
  5. Try Gratitude Meditation: Explore gratitude meditation as a way to center your mind and reflect on the good things in your life. There are numerous guided gratitude meditations available, many of which require only 10 minutes.

Embrace the journey of gratitude and discover the impact it can have on your well-being and relationships over time. Thank you for being a part of the SPN Serenity Sphere. I look forward to hearing from those that try practicing gratitude and learning of the changes it brought to your life.

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